3 Key Items when creating a Punch List for a New Social Media Client

Punch List for a new Social Media Client

Good Gossip Social Media Punch List

Something as simple as  going  to the store or even as serious as buying a new house, we need a list. This Punch list is to identify actions or things that need attention, to be deleted or added to  as we go through the process.

Creating a punch list of items for a new social media client is just as important. Remember that with each action item set there will be sub-items these will be added to the punch list.

1. Identifying Need: What are the key action items that will need immediate attention.  What is really important for your client, if they are not sure or need to be re-directed that is where your experience comes in.

2. Setting Expectations: Letting your client know what you will be able to accomplish in the first 30 days. Keep in mind Expectations are always changing. That is the management part of being a Social Media Manager.  Listening to your client is the MOST IMPORTANT thing that you can do. Since, Social Media is such a new concept to most business owners you will need to define it. Your client may not understand the difference in Social Media Management vs Marketing/Advertising. THERE is a difference! Make sure that you and your client agree on an action plan.

3. Execution of Plan: Set days and time on when an action item(s) will be delivered. It never hurts to check in with your client on set days. Consistency will work in your favor.

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